I was born and raised in Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades.  As a twin, I was brought up with the importance of sharing; emphasis was placed on community living within our family. My childhood was filled with attending social programs along with a very strong female "tribe" presence.  I started babysitting at a young age and throughout college I took jobs as a mother's helper. I found a great sense of purpose and meaning in being a support to new mothers during transitional periods in their lives.

After attending California Institute of the Arts, I traveled to Central America and throughout Asia.  While in Asia, I met my husband and relocated to Hong Kong. I reinvented myself as a preschool teacher at The Woodland School in Pokfulam and Repulse Bay, an International school in Hong Kong with a majority of American and British students. I loved working as a preschool teacher but really missed the personal interaction with "new" families. I also saw a real lack of support for parents. I knew I would enjoy working as a support to these families but wasn’t sure in what capacity just yet.

My husband and I moved back to Los Angeles in the latter part of 2008. After settling down and reevaluating our goals, I realized that becoming a post-partum doula could fulfill my need to aid new families. I trained with Kathrin Auger and acquired a good deal of hours working on pro bono cases. Additionally, I have taken workshops and completed training in: Infant and adult CPR and first aid (Red Cross of America), Lactation Courses at the Pump Station, grief recovery (Dr. Claire Chew), Biological Nurturing (Kitty Franz), Green Hugs, green childcare (Rachel Myers). I am up to date with all my Vaccinations.

My goal as a post-partum doula is to create a nurturing environment for families introducing a new member into their circle. I believe we need to get back to the "village" and start supporting our communities, by using safe and environmentally friendly means.

Additionally, being a post-partum doula has fulfilled my life and has satisfied my need to be an interactive part of enriching people’s lives. I LOVE this work!




Ida Reid