As your postpartum doula I will...

  • Be available for a minimum of four daytime hours and a minimum of eight nighttime hours
  • Assist with feeding: breast, bottle, and/or pumping
  • Assist with newborn care: bathing, umbilical cord care, circumcision care
  • Assist with sleeping and calming your baby
  • Help with newborn education: sleep patterns, awake states, play
  • Assist with baby wearing
  • Organize your household and nursery
  • Help with first outings with baby
  • Help other family members adjust to life with a newborn
  • Help with the transition from hospital/birth center to your home
  • Help with preparation of light meals and with light housekeeping
  • Help with finding and training more permanent caretakers for your child
  • Be available to accompany your family to doctors visits
  • Run errands as needed



Ida Reid