I get contacted to interview with a family as early as three months into a woman’s pregnancy and as late as a week after a family has brought their baby home. Whether you have decided to hire a postpartum doula early on in your pregnancy or feel you need one after the baby is here, I believe that every family should be entitled to the help they want and need.

I encourage all families to do their research, and interview with as many doulas as you can until you find a great fit for your family. A doula should be someone you are comfortable with, someone who is familiar to you for the right reasons, someone you and your partner feel safe with and can trust to have your family's best interests in mind.

After I have spoken to you over the phone we will set up an interview date. If you have decided to hire me I will amend a contract that we have mutually agreed upon. I like to offer all of my families a one-hour pre natal visit to go over any immediate postpartum concerns they may have prior to bringing baby home. If you feel the need I will come and visit with you at the hospital but I usually show up on that first day home. I prefer to be contracted for a certain number of hours during a decided length of time, and have many models and packages that may work for your family.

If you have contacted me after the birth of your child(ren), I am happy to come and do a few postpartum visits if my schedule allows. If I am unavailable I will help you find a postpartum doula to fit your family’s needs.




Ida Reid