"Ida's knowledgeable, calm and laid-back demeanor fit right into our household. She had wonderful advice for getting our baby to sleep, latch on better and for putting our minds at rest that we were doing a good job. In addition to being able to assist us and support us with whatever concern we had, she also brought videos, samples, reading material, valuable reference of other services I was interested in, AND came up with other pieces of guidance regarding caring for baby to maximize our time together. She really played an integral role in easing the transition of having this wonderful creature in our home, and giving us the confidence and valuable tools to care for our baby."

Inga Family

"My husband and I employed Ida Reid as a postpartum doula for six weeks following the birth of our daughter. Although my husband is an emergency room physician and was therefore able to provide excellent support and care for me, we both feel that Ida was integral to my quick recovery. Her upbeat personality and willingness to work hard allowed us to relax and to catch up on much needed sleep. Ida is also extremely knowledgeable in childcare. She had many techniques for soothing and caring for babies, and she is a quick thinker and creative problem solver. In addition, Ida is a great teacher who readily offers advice but is able to take direction well. We had a wonderful experience with Ida and Very strongly recommend her services."

O'Connor Family

"I had a very serious emergency surgery one week after my daughter was born. Ida saved us, truly, spending nights helping and caring for our baby girl while I was recovering. She was so knowledgeable and so tender. I trusted her completely right from the first night. I still see the time she spent with our family as a great gift."

Lewis Family

"We ADORE Ida Reid! She worked for us after the birth of our son, last winter. It was very last minute for us, we hadn't planned to hire a postpartum doula at all--but we found ourselves in over our heads and our birth doula was out of town -- Ida came in last minute. She had another job lined up, but came to us, worked as long as she could before starting the other job and then, she checked in on us and worked another week once her interim job had ended. She walked into our house and made order of chaos. She shopped for us, she allowed us to nap, she did laundry, she helped me to get some healthcare backup and information, she taught us A LOT about life with our baby. In all ways, I feel she was the missing link, the most valuable person we worked with during the entire pregnancy/birth/postpartum months. She's an amazing person, a kind soul, and a gifted doula. I'm very, very grateful for having worked with her and now, having her in our lives and our son's life."

Berman-Haber Family

"Before I answer your question, first I want to say that our experience with Ida was amazing. My wie and I had had our first child, and did not have any help when we got home. What a mistake. We were both so overwhelmed and exhausted. I think it took a whole year to recover. Also my wife and I both battled postpartum. So the second time around we knew we needed someone. We hired Ida not knowing what to expect. She was amazing. Ida brought such a sense of calm, comfort, and support. We were shocked by how little we knew about newborns!! Ida helped with: getting our baby to sleep!! That's the greatest gift anyone can give!!! So, Ida worked for us for about 2 weeks, from Xmas 2010 to just after new years 2011. She was with us 24 hours a day, and really worked the entire time. She did every overnight for us, and because we already had a toddler running around, she would end up working most of the day too. As for strengths, Ida showed us possibly the best Swaddle on earth, really established a schedule for our baby, brought a tremendous sense of calm and stability to what would have been a chaotic time. My son loved her (he was about 2 1/2 at the time). I would hire Ida a thousand times over. I cannot think of a single weakness or disappointment. She's a wonderful doula, and that stems from what a wonderful person she is."

Hayes Family

"Ida came to me with love and open arms for my twins and I. I was in much need of help and an extra pair of hands. She was able to calm me and give me some excellent advice. If my husband and I could have afforded it I would have hired her for night and day. She became a part of the family and I still miss her every day. I recommend her to ANY amount of children...nothing is too much for Ida, she is someone you will never regret hiring. We miss her very much."

Perez Family

"Any family would be so lucky to have Ida Reid in their lives. She came to help us when my son Zebedee was a couple of weeks old. I was battling a relapse of chronic fatigue syndrome and my son was battling reflux. Ida really came and saved the day, helping look after Zeb, so I could get some much needed sleep. I have never felt so at ease leaving my child with someone that is not family. My son screamed in pain at times for hours. Ida calmly and lovingly held him and fed him and cuddled him all night when he needed it. She was so sweet at all times and helped me get through the emotional and hormonal fog of early motherhood whilst battling a debilitating illness. She was full of nothing but positivity, and great advice, always making me feel better about myself as a mother and as a person. She really helped us survive a very tough time."

Larkin Family

"My husband and I could not be bigger fans of Ida Reid. She came into our family the day we came home from the hospital with our twin baby boys. That is when the clock started, at least. Before that, during my pregnancy, she was always available to field questions, help with my layette, make house calls and lend out educational books and dvds. Once home with the babies, my husband and I forgot everything we leanred. Ida was invaluable at helping set up systems and routines that we employ even today, three months later. Her wealth of knowledge of baby care transcends book smarts, fact and figures; she has an innate gift with babies. Her observational skills and fine tuned instincts enable her to predict their needs and preempt many problems. Having had a C-section, I was of little use around the house or even caring for myself. Ida nurtured me as she hurtured the babies, and she managed the household the way I would've had I been ambulatory. What I have come to learn is no less important than having flawless baby and mommy care is the ability for your doula to navigate the complex, anxiety rich environment of parents and in-laws who often times, as in my case, are also under the same roof. Ida managed these idiosyncratic characters with finesse, and I always felt safe having her as a buffer from what could have been an added layer of stress I had no energy for. Ida's most significant contribution is that I am now successfully breast-feeding two ravenous 3-month old boys, and I credit that success completely to Ida. Of course, my tenacity had something to do with it, but without her steady, strong, confident encouragementand partnership in the effort, I never would have made it this far. There were hundreds of times I would've given up had she not been there to support me. The refreshing part of Ida is that if she didn't know something, she wouldn't stop there. She would research until she did, tap her vast catalogue of personal resources or call in professionals for home visits or phone consultations. Ida does the dirty work as well as the glory work. There is no question that Ida is completely passionate about her field and never stops thinking about ways to improve her clients' situations. My husband and I couldn't be more grateful that the stars aligned and we crossed path with Ida Reid who became the guide through the first most important months of our new family's lives."

Diamandis Family

"Ida is a marvel! She helped these two daddies create a wonderful home for our newborn daughter. She was knowledgeable, warm, and sensitive to our needs. Ida also went the extra mile on many occasions. All of it made a difference. We recommend her highly!"

Waters Family




Ida Reid